The app that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling

GGfication lets you send appreciations to your friends, family and colleagues.

GGfication is 100% free, no ads, no hidden payment

Feature 01

Multi company

You can join or create multiple companies and share your gratitudes in the company

Feature 02

Custom Stickers

Each company can create 10 custom stickers or select from our sticker packs

Feature 03

Free of charge

GGfication is free of charge. You can support GGfication through donations.


  • Why should my friends and I be sending gratitude through an app?
    While verbal gratitude is nice, it helps to have a place to see all the gratitude messages that you sent and received.
  • I am sure there are other apps that help you send gratitudes, why another?
    Most "gratitude" apps out there are overly enterprisy and are used to "track employees performance". GGfication's goal is to make sending gratitude fun and not something you have to do for sake of doing.
  • Why is this free? What's the catch?
    There's no catch at all! GGfication is a donation supported service.
  • How do i donate?
    Support me via Ko-fi
  • Is there an ios app?
    For now, no. IOS users are currently restricted to use their phone browsers. You can add the app to homescreen and have it work just like an app*
  • Why not release an ios version?
    Mostly because i cannot justify paying $99/year for an ios account, i am already paying to host this app. i might release an ios version if i get enough support.
    Support me via Ko-fi
  • Will there be more sticker packs?
    Yes, more Sticker packs will be added overtime. I am also accepting sticker pack submitions
  • I have no money to support, how else can i help?
    GGfication needs alot of help, you can help by:
    • Tell people about GGfication
    • Submit Stickers
    • Join Ggfication's discord and help us build a community
    • Using the app :)

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